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“Giving patients the opportunity to achieve the smile they have always desired provides me with an enormous satisfaction as an orthodontist”

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Research shows that the better you feel about your looks, the better you feel about yourself. Your smile can have a significant impact on how others perceive you.

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Our Happy Patients

  • I seeked orthodontic treatment because i did not like how my teeth looked and my self-esteem was really low because of this. I wanted to boost my self esteem, be happy and satisfied with my looks. I already knew Dr Guiga and I had total confidence in her work. I really liked the way she treated me. She pays attention to every detail of her work and of the team that works with her. I would truly recommend her to everyone.

    Mafalda40 yrs
  • I wanted to solve the problem I had of a broken front tooth by placing an implant and I ended up doing the orthodontic treatment as well. Since I finished my treatment I feel much more self confidence and I feel my teeth and gums are healthier. The whole team was always very professional, I would recommend this practice without a shadow of a doubt.

    Joaquim25 yrs
  • Apparently there is more than one tooth-fairy! There is one that I have never seen, I don’t know her whereabouts and never know what she will bring me! There is another that wears a uniform, I know exactly where to find her, I can always count on her and she gave me a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr.Guiga!

    João14 yrs
  • I brought Francisco for orthodontic treatment because i think a smile is the first impression anybody leaves! So, wanted Francisco to have a wonderful Smile! I chose Dr.Guiga,because besides being so nice and caring she is also highly qualified.Myself and Francisco have always been treated with excellence!I have already recommended Dr.Guiga to my friends and i will do it again and again! Francisco's mother whore this testimonial

    Francisco18 yrs
  • I chose Dr.Guiga, because of the customized digital orthodontics she uses; I wanted the best possible treatment for my daughter. Dr.Guiga is very professional and dedicated; I would recommend all the parents to take their children there.

    Sheleen Hemrage
    Sheleen Hemrage40 yrs
  • I wanted a healthy and esthetic smile, i went to Dr.Guiga because she is a renowned professional. Dr.Guiga and the Mysmile team provided excellent and customized treatment each time i went there; i would recommend her to everyone I know.

    Rahim38 yrs
  • For me using brackets was a real adventure that changed my teeth. It feels comfortable even though it bans you from eating what you like at the beginning! But after a few months they become part of your body. It is so cool to use brackets!

    Franco12 yrs
  • I wanted my son to have orthodontic treatment because his teeth were really crooked. He is really happy with his straight teeth now! I went to Dr.Guiga because she was referred to me and I had previous knowledge of her work. They are super professional at the practice and we are very well taken care of. I would recommend her to everyone for sure. (Rafael's mother Magda wrote the testimonial)

    Rafael10 yrs
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