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Wow Testimonials !

“I believe our smile along with our eyes are the mirror of our soul and the center of our expression.”
“When I was 10, I broke my front teeth so I had to treat my smile during all my life. After age of 60 my lower teeth started crowding and getting loose. Dr Guiga treated me orthodontically and it worked! She saved my teeth and gave me my smile back! The whitening of my teeth after years of tobacco, coffee and tea, really made a big difference too!

It is no use to wear lipstick and then show horrible looking teeth! I chose Dr. Guiga after I saw how she treated my husband. I was always treated with care and sympathy and I really trust Dr. Guiga. I am so happy I found her! I must also refer that I love Dr. Guiga’s extraordinary smile, she does not need any other type of publicity. A big hug with a smile!”

Margaretha, 71 yrs

  • I was looking  for excellence in orthodontics as well as fast and comfortable treatment. I found it with Guiga Orthodontics!

    Carlos28 yrs
  • For me to have this beautiful smile is to be happy all the time! I am always happy now!

    Leonor16 yrs
  • Since I took my braces I feel much more confident. Having a bright smile made me feel another person, a happier one!

    Maria do Mar
    Maria do Mar15 yrs
  • My parents wanted me to have braces, although i didn't!; but now i am really happy i got them because i love my smile!; I smile all the time during conversations .Dr.Guiga  chose to act and give me braces,whereas other orthodontists wanted to wait untill i could get surgical treatment. At Guiga Orthodontics they were always kind and patient with me and they always smiled! I would certainly recommend Dr.Guiga to anyone who needs braces.

    Piers18 yrs
  • For many years Dr.Guiga and her team have treated my family. She is the online I could trust for the orthodontic treatment of my son Ricardo, because of her dedication, professional attitude, perfectionism, quality of appliances chosen, and the team that works with her. My son had really crooked teeth and the best decision I took was to place an Insignia appliance. Today Ricardo has a fabulous smile, everyone stares at it and comments on how perfect his teeth are! I tell everyone that Dr Guiga treated him. Ricardo jokes and says: “Have you seen MYSMILE????” Ricardo's mother Paula, wrote the testimonial

    Ricardo13 yrs
“The main reason I decided to have orthodontic treatment was to correct my occlusion. My teeth did not fit properly. I think that when you smile you show the world the energy you have!

For me a beautiful smile is really important because it increases self-confidence and well-being! A friend of mine recommended Dr. Guiga to me. As soon as I met Dr. Guiga personally I empathized immediately with her. I knew I was in good hands and that I could trust Dr.Guiga and her team with my smile.

The whole team is very professional and willing. I reccomend Dr. Guiga to all my friends who want to change their smile! ”

Vanessa, 33 yrs

  • I wanted to solve the problem I had of a broken front tooth by placing an implant and I ended up doing the orthodontic treatment as well. Since I finished my treatment I feel much more self confidence and I feel my teeth and gums are healthier. The whole team was always very professional, I would recommend this practice without a shadow of a doubt.

    Joaquim25 yrs
  • My new smile brought me happiness and spontaneity. I do not hide my teeth anymore! I use my smile to greet everyone and bring them joy! I could never do this before. And it was all so fast and comfortable.

    Beatriz15 yrs
  • I wanted a healthy and esthetic smile, i went to Dr.Guiga because she is a renowned professional. Dr.Guiga and the Mysmile team provided excellent and customized treatment each time i went there; i would recommend her to everyone I know.

    Rahim38 yrs
  • For me using brackets was a real adventure that changed my teeth. It feels comfortable even though it bans you from eating what you like at the beginning! But after a few months they become part of your body. It is so cool to use brackets!

    Franco12 yrs
  • I had worn an orthodontic appliance as a child and I thought my smile was ok at the time. As time went by I noticed that my teeth were getting crooked and my smile was “hidden”. Without really understanding why my attitude towards life and my posture started changing…I started loosing my self-confidence. I was determined to change this! I searched the internet and found out about Invisalign. An almost invisible appliance that would allow me to treat my smile discretly. I could continue with my active professional life and meetings and my appliances would be barely noticeable. Dr.Guiga, appeared as one of the specialists that used Invisalign so I did not hesitate to book an appointment with her. I am really happy with the result. I am only halfway through treatment and i feel an enormous difference. My smile shines more day after day and that has had an incredible effect on my life. I want to thank Dr.Guiga and her team for being so professional, available and nice to me. Thank you for giving me my smile back.

    Isabel42 yrs
  • I took my son Leo to Dr.Guiga for braces because after seeing his brother Giulio’s teeth he really wanted to get braces! He asked for Them! He said he wanted to look more handsome! I get really happy when I see my children happy and with beautiful smiles! I think having a great smile is very important for their self-confidence! I chose Dr.Guiga to be Giulio’s Orthodontist because a friend of mine from the German Embassy recommended her when I moved to Portugal. For Leo, of course I chose Dr.Guiga again! Her team is very good and they treat everybody, big or small,with so much affection and care. This would be very hard to find in Germany. Of course I recommend Dr.Guiga to everybody! (Leo and Giulio’s Mom)

  • Apparently there is more than one tooth-fairy! There is one that I have never seen, I don’t know her whereabouts and never know what she will bring me! There is another that wears a uniform, I know exactly where to find her, I can always count on her and she gave me a beautiful smile! Thank you Dr.Guiga!

    João14 yrs
  • I was drawn to Dr. Nimet Guiga because of an expat colleague that after having left Portugal, kept flying back for his appointments with Dr. Guiga. He mentioned that wherever he’d be placed we would never again change is Dentist. To top it off he had taken the decision to put on braces with such confidence, that I decided to follow is footsteps and did the same. Today we compare our new smiles!

    Nuno Ribeiro
    Nuno Ribeiro46 yrs
  • I decided to get orthodontic treatment because my smile was so crooked that I was ashamed to of it…I never showed my teeth. Having my teeth so straight really changed my life. After treatment I am smiling in all my pictures! I came to Dr. Guiga because she treated my brother and also she was recommended to me by my general dentist. My treatment went really well, nothing ever went wrong. Her team was always available when i needed them.

    Mónica23 yrs
  • I wanted my son to have orthodontic treatment because his teeth were really crooked. He is really happy with his straight teeth now! I went to Dr.Guiga because she was referred to me and I had previous knowledge of her work. They are super professional at the practice and we are very well taken care of. I would recommend her to everyone for sure. (Rafael's mother Magda wrote the testimonial)

    Rafael10 yrs
  • I chose Dr.Guiga, because of the customized digital orthodontics she uses; I wanted the best possible treatment for my daughter. Dr.Guiga is very professional and dedicated; I would recommend all the parents to take their children there.

    Sheleen Hemrage40 yrs
  • I brought Francisco for orthodontic treatment because i think a smile is the first impression anybody leaves! So, wanted Francisco to have a wonderful Smile! I chose Dr.Guiga,because besides being so nice and caring she is also highly qualified.Myself and Francisco have always been treated with excellence!I have already recommended Dr.Guiga to my friends and i will do it again and again! Francisco's mother whore this testimonial

    Francisco18 yrs
  • I seeked orthodontic treatment because i did not like how my teeth looked and my self-esteem was really low because of this. I wanted to boost my self esteem, be happy and satisfied with my looks. I already knew Dr Guiga and I had total confidence in her work. I really liked the way she treated me. She pays attention to every detail of her work and of the team that works with her. I would truly recommend her to everyone.

    Mafalda40 yrs
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